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 1-Stronger Authentication

Biometric authentication refers to security processes that use biological traits such as Facial Recognition, irises, voices, and fingerprints to verify a user’s identity. When a user logs into their account, the biometric authentication system collects biometric data to verify their identity, which helps to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access. Biometric authentication has become an integral part many authentication strategies because it provides stronger authentication with less friction for the user. Not only can you improve the security of your business and prevent fraud, but you can also save time and money and your users will undoubtedly have a better experience. For example, payment gateways can only use an individual’s facial features to successfully complete a transaction. It also helps prevent information theft or misuse of information such as credit card numbers or accounts.

2-Quick & Painless Process

Face Recognition is a more secure authentication method because passwords are no longer secure due to phishing attacks and other types of online fraud. With technological advancements, efficiency and high level of accuracy are expected; user experiences must be quick and painless for a company, and this is where biometric authentication can make the sign –in process simple. The popularity of facial recognition in consumer applications has grown in response to the demand for touchless solutions.

3-Cross-device & Cross- platform

Facial recognition is chosen best as the process is quick and easy to implement and is right to use for multi factor authentication and for onboarding method It is always convenient to use on any mobile device, tablet or laptop and easy conduct the verification and identification without the need of additional hardware The technology operates in three simple steps:

  • The technology in Detection detects and locates human faces in images and videos
  • Capture technology converts analog data (a face) into a set of digital data based of the persons facial features.
  • Finally, the technology process in Match verifies whether two faces belong to the same person

4-Reduce Security Risks

Biometrics has the power to reduce security risks, significantly improve customer experience and secure payment methods such as; online/ e-commerce payments and wide range of financial applications such as FinTech apps or online Banking. Face recognition is one of the most popular online identity verification solutions. It enables customers to open an account and gain access to a variety of digital banking services in a streamlined manner. Facial recognition is as simple as taking a selfie, allowing businesses to secure their operations and increase customer onboarding.

5-Hassle-Free Customer Onboarding

Consumers can enjoy a contactless and hassle-free experience, and they will gain more trust knowing that security is provided. Dealing with real people will assist your company and its employees in determining who your customers claim to be. Facial recognition will increase security, resulting in higher acceptance rates and lower abandonment. 64% of consumers would be more comfortable providing personal information if they understood it would not be shared with third parties. Experiment with biometric solutions and provide a better experience for your customers with the support of FACEKI.