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Location: Vietnam
Industry: Technology, Information and Internet


EasyWeGo focuses on streamlining local services for international travelers through an all-in-one integrated application, offering connectivity management, payment solutions, and efficient transportation management, while also supporting environmental preservation efforts.

Unique Expertise and Exceptional Services

Travel Tech, Travel Technology, Eco-friendly Travel Tech, Sustainable Travel Technology, and Sustainable Enterprise Travel Technology.

Challenges needed to over come

  • Limited Data Security 
  • Manual Verification Processes 
  • Compliance Challenges 
  • Slow Onboarding Process 

Challenges needed to over come

Enhanced Data Security:
FACEKI’s advanced security features improved our data protection measures, ensuring the safety of sensitive information.

Automated Verification:
FACEKI’s solution replaced manual verification processes, making them more efficient and error-free.

Streamlined Compliance:
FACEKI’s technology eased compliance efforts by ensuring accurate identity verification, and meeting regulatory requirements confidently. 

Accelerated Onboarding:
The integration of FACEKI significantly sped up our onboarding process, reducing delays and enhancing the user experience.


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