Simplify Account Opening & Reduce Risk
Account Opening
Money Transfer 
Improve customer experience by reducing the time it takes to open a bank account from 30 minutes to 30 seconds by automating the entire verification process with our identity verification system. You will also get to know your customers better, save time, money, and generate new revenue.

59% of clients
would use the app more if were easier to use.


Ensure that your customer can open an account seamlessly

Reduce the Possibility of Fraud
Maintain your clients’ trust by allowing them to use our KYC and AML solutions in a seamless experience.

Regulatory Compliance
Customers trust is enhanced when their data is securely stored to prevent Money laundering on online investment and financial platforms such as; Cryptocurrency exchanges, Internet banking and others. As a result, our solutions are compliant to the most stringent financial services regulations.

Reduce Abandonment
Consumers expect things to be simple, and if they encounter excessive friction during the process, they are more likely to abandon it. This is where FACEKI comes in, offering a simple, seamless, and dependable experience that eliminates any inconvenient aspects.

Increase Acceptance Rate
There is no doubt that using FACEKI’s ID verification solution improves your customer experience and provides them with a simple, seamless and reliable experience.

Create a Seamless Onboarding Experience for Customers
With our dependable KYC solution; you can take your customers on a journey to a more secure and accessible user experience.


Why Choose FACEKI?

  • FACEKI is a truly frictionless solution that checks for liveness without requiring your users to perform any specific movements.
  • No need to be concerned, FACEKI supports a wide range of local languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Indian Russian, Greek, Thai, Japanese, and others.
  • Save time by using KYC in 30 seconds.
  • There is no need to integrate, simply consider our ZERO integration option.
  • We can always assist you globally, as we support documents from over 215+ countries.
  • Our identity verification solution is ISO-certified, with Al-powered solutions and an easy-to-use interface.
  • We certainly include both automatic and manual AML/PEP checks.


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