Simplify access and fight fraud

Provide your customers with the service they deserve. No more struggle in remembering the correct password or time wasted verifying their identity. With our leading-edge facial recognition technology, you guarantee access to the right people whenever they need it within 1 second, creating safer and more accessible user experiences for all, powered by AI.

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& Cross-Devices

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Stop relying on different devices to provide biometric solutions to your customers.

Bad user experience is a weakness

Unify your user experience with FACEKI cross-devices cross-platform capabilities. It ensures a smooth user experience over the board.

Seamless Experience

It’s more than a way of log-in. It’s a user experience. The less hassle it is for a customer to access your services the more frequent going to use it.

With FACEKI, it’s never been easier for users to access their data. No more searching for passwords, or calling customer supports, it’s as easy as taking a selfie.

Extra Secure Liveness Check

FACEKI Biometrics is a truly seamless and frictionless service, and it’s far more secure than traditional methods, as it comes with certified anti-spoofing and liveness detection that provides an additional layer of security, ensuring the person in front of the camera is who really claims to be.

Something that traditional methods of authentication can’t prove.

Limitless Possibilities

Give yourself the freedom, and don’t limit yourself to specific hardware or brand. With FACEKI cloud-based technology you are future proof, with no limitation to specific hardware.

Possibilities are limitless. with the ability to integrate with apps, kiosks, access points, and many more.

No More Shared Credential

Eliminate the possibility of users sharing their username and password and allowing others to access their account, or use a service others not suppose to use.

With Faceki authentication, access will never be transferred or shared with others like traditional methods. FACEKI also provide far more convenience and speed, with no more forgotten or lost passwords.

Award Winning Technology

Our Ai based Authentication & delegation of access technology have been recognised by getting awarded The Gold Steve Award as the Most Innovative Tech Startup in the Middle East and North Africa for 2021.

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A more Secure
Alternative to OTP

A Frictionless Option

With the increasing concern over OTP vulnerabilities, ranging from SIM swaps to phishing, malware, and a whole host of man-in-the-middle attacks, weaknesses in OTP security are putting customers, and businesses, at great risk.

Alternatively, biometric authentication using facial recognition is becoming more commonplace. It is one of the three types of authentication, namely inherence, using “something you are” to verify your identity. The main advantage of using biometric authentication is that it relies on the unique physical traits of an individual and is very accurate in authenticating the end-user.