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Location: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Courts/Governmental


Tejouri enables to upload and secure storing of documents ranging from insurance contracts, title deeds, Wills, and financial certificates, to images and multimedia files and can be utilized by all individuals globally. 

Unique Expertise and Exceptional Services

A new digital platform called “tejouri” offers secure storage for a wide range of documents and files, like insurance contracts, Wills, and images. It uses strong security measures, including encryption and biometric data, and employs Distributed Ledger Technology for safe sharing with designated recipients. Available globally.

Challenges needed to over come

Identity Verification Complexity:
Verifying the identity of users for secure document storage was complex and potentially prone to errors. 

Security Concerns:
Ensuring robust security standards for data storage and transmission, especially for sensitive documents. 

User Experience:
Providing a seamless and user-friendly authentication process while maintaining security was a balancing act.

Global Accessibility:
Ensuring access and usability for individuals worldwide while adhering to different regulatory requirements.

Challenges needed to over come

Effortless Identity Verification:
Integrating FACEKI’s biometric authentication streamlined and simplified the identity verification process through facial recognition technology. 

Enhanced Security:
FACEKI’s advanced security measures, such as biometric data and strong authentication, bolstered the protection of stored documents, meeting the highest standards. 

User-Friendly Authentication:
The integration of FACEKI maintained a smooth user experience by allowing quick and secure access to stored files through facial recognition. 

Global Compliance:
FACEKI’s versatile solutions helped adhere to various global regulations, ensuring accessibility to users across different regions. 


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