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Go Passwordless

With the power of Biometric Authentication
  • Increate safety standard
  • Reduce the time needed for authentication
  • Increase successful authentication
  • Simplify user experience
  • The safest method of authentication 

No More Shared Credentials

Eliminate the possibility of users sharing their username and password and allowing others to access their account, or use a service others not suppose to use.

With Faceki authentication, access will never be transferred or shared with others like traditional methods. FACEKI also provide far more convenience and speed, with no more forgotten or lost passwords.

Enhance your 2FA Security

With the increasing concern over OTP vulnerabilities, ranging from:

  • SIM swaps
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Whole host of man-in-the-middle attacks

Seamless SCA experience

FACEKI Liveness fully complies with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements of the EU Revised Directive as it serves as an “Inherence” element. Additionally, it provides a truly seamless user experience, saving both you and your users time and money.

  • Your company will save money on password restoration process building.
  • Your users will be able to restore password during few minutes.
  • Your support team will save time on the case management.

Limitless possibilities

Unleash your freedom with FACEKI’s cloud-based technology. No hardware limitations, and endless possibilities.

Possibilities are limitless. Cloud and On-premises solutions with the ability to integrate with apps, kiosks, access points, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i try Faceki selflie-liveness?

Get access to our sandbox to allow you to try and test our service by contacting our service team. Click here to book a meeting.

How does FACEKI selfie-liveness work technically?

FACEKI selfie-liveness technology requires users to capture a selfie using the web camera on their device.

FACEKI AI technology then forms a full biometric pattern blueprint of the individual’s unique face features with 80 nodal points (for example: retina patterns, face geometry, earlobes) and in 3D, which is afterwards compared to the provided ID document or previously done liveness.

As a result, the person’s identity can be confirmed or disproven.

Along with Faceki Link Integrates seamlessly with FACEKI KYC, ID scanner, and face match, adding biometric data to sign-in, login, and face matching processes. Trust in a secure and efficient identity verification experience with FACEKI

Is liveliness detection reliable and accurate?

Faceki uses advanced techniques like depth sensing, texture analysis, and motion detection to analyze facial characteristics and movements in real-time. This allows it to differentiate between a live person and various spoofing methods.

Faceki’s liveliness detection is designed to be highly reliable and accurate. It leverages state-of-the-art algorithms and robust anti-spoofing measures to ensure the integrity of the face biometric authentication process.

Faceki takes privacy and data security seriously. Biometric data is securely stored and encrypted using industry-standard protocols. Faceki follows strict privacy guidelines and adheres to applicable data protection regulations.

Can I integrate with facial biometric?

Yes, Faceki supports both online and offline face biometric authentication scenarios. The FACEKI SDK is designed to simplify the lives of developers. Our versatile SDK can be seamlessly deployed on IOS Native, Android Native, Flutter, React JS, Nodejs, Python, PHP, Web, Laravel, HTML platforms or directly integrated through APIs through the developer hub.

What is FaceLink and how it works?

A: FACEKI Face Link is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates the KYC process with sign-in, face matching, and user registration verification. It streamlines the user verification process by eliminating the need for separate authentication steps, making it convenient and secure for users Check the developer hub.

FACEKI Face Link leverages the biometric data captured during the KYC process to authenticate users during sign-in and face matching. It allows users to verify their identity by simply matching their facial features, eliminating the need for additional credentials or authentication methods.

FACEKI Face Link offers several key benefits. Firstly, it simplifies the user verification process, providing a seamless and efficient experience. Secondly, it enhances security by leveraging face biometrics for authentication, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access. Lastly, it verifies if the user is already registered, preventing duplicate registrations and ensuring a streamlined user database.

FACEKI Face Link is a flexible solution that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. It seamlessly integrates into existing systems and workflows, ensuring a smooth user experience while aligning with your organization’s branding and security protocols.

Data privacy and security are top priorities for us. FACEKI Face Link is designed to comply with relevant data protection regulations. We implement industry best practices to safeguard user data, ensuring secure transmission and storage.

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Easy Integration

With our well-equipped API and SDKs, integrating into your business’s existing infrastructure will be a breeze without any complex setup.

All the services can be customized according to your business-specific needs.