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Verify Proof Of Address faster with FACEKI POA module
  • 8-12 min PDF document based POA verification
  • 1-3 min governmental database POA verification*
  • Delegate POA to FACEKI to scale your users onboarding
*Proof of Address through Governmental database check available only in certain countries please double-check with FACEKI commercial team

Why choose FACEKI POA?

Instant Verification PDF Document Check Government Database Check Effortless Onboarding Fraud Prevention Scalable Solution Local Compliance User-Friendly Process

Proof Of Address (POA) Features

Light-speed conversion

fast verification with multiple options available for different user types. Seamlessly check documents from any country.

Stay compliant with local regulations

effortlessly by delegating onboarding process to FACEKI, while keeping the user onboarding process simple and user-friendly.

Prevent fraud

Using FACEconduct comprehensive checks using advanced AI techniques and FACEKI compliance team expertise to detect any signs of potential fraud.

PDF document upload verifcation

  • The user uploads the Proof of Address PDF to the system through the API or FACEKI widget integrated into our client’s platform.
  • FACEKI AI reads the document, checks for authenticity, and runs a digital editing or tampering analysis.
  • In 8-10 minutes, you will receive a response from FACEKI API to your system, allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed with the customer, based on the check results.

Direct Governmental database identity verification

  • If Proof of Address verification is available in your country’s governmental database, you may verify your residence or address directly by completing a basic verification of your ID document and selfie.
  • FACEKI will perform the API call behind the scenes and retrieve all the necessary information from the database, which you can then integrate into your CRM system or keep within the FACEKI dashboard.

Reduce verification drop offs and increase conversion during onboarding

Put an end to verification drop-offs with FACEKI document-based address verification.

Our process can handle documents in 35 languages from 180 countries of origin and takes 8-10 minutes to complete for document-based verification and 1-3 minutes for the governmental database verification method.

Experience Lightning-fast Government Database Verification of Proof of Address (POA)

Verify user addresses in seconds with FACEKI through a direct governmental database link.

If additional documents are required, users can upload them seamlessly within our flexible workflow.

The availability of governmental database verification availability depends on the country, please confirm with FACEKI commercial team during the demo meeting.

China's Evolving Data Protection Landscape: An Overview

Rapid Address Verification with Global Databases

Instantly obtain all the necessary Proof of Address information through our efficient database extraction method.

Tailor your verification processes to fit your business needs and user experience

Set up conditional steps in your user workflow based on their profile and verification results from previous steps.

This way, you can simplify the process for some customers and extend the flow for selected users.

Allow users the flexibility to optimize their overall conversion rate with FACEKI’s workflow builder, which streamlines the verification process by making setup of triggers and conditions easy.”

ISO Compliant KYC solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POA & Why important?

Proof of Address (POA) is a document that verifies a person’s residential address. It is commonly used for various purposes, including KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, financial transactions, and official documentation.

Proof of Address is important as it helps establish the residential address of an individual or business entity. It is used to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, prevent identity fraud, and maintain the integrity of financial transactions.

What documents are accepted as Proof of Address?

Faceki’s POA module enables fast and efficient verification of Proof of Address documents. It utilizes advanced technologies, including PDF document checks and governmental database checks (available in select countries), to validate the authenticity and accuracy of the provided address information.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process for PDF document-based POA typically takes 10 seconds to 5 minutes, while governmental database POA verification can be completed within 1-3 minutes (availability may vary by country). Faceki’s aim is to provide a swift and seamless user experience while ensuring accurate verification results.

Can Faceki handle large-scale user onboarding?

Yes, Faceki’s POA module is designed to handle large-scale user onboarding. By delegating the Proof of Address verification process to Faceki, businesses can efficiently scale their user base while maintaining compliance with local regulations.