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Our identity verification solution can be fully integrated into your apps, websites and desktop applications. It enables you to verify user identities while complying with KYC regulations.

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Arabic Support

You don’t have to be left behind, Faceki Identity Verification supports middle eastern documents in the Arabic language.

You will be able to verify documents and extract Arabic information on them as well as English. We support all documents issued by Arabic speaking countries.

User Verification

  • Liveness Check
  • Anti-Spoofing Check
  • Photo Face Match
  • Age Check
  • Gender Check
  • Nationality Check

Document Verification

  • Tamper Check
  • Recapture Check
  • Document Expiry Check
  • Issuance Check
  • MRZ/Barcode Support
  • Data Extraction

AML/PEP Compliance Check

With our AML solutions, you will be able to check whether your client has a criminal record, is under sanction, or is a PEP (also known as a politically exposed person).

Not to mention that it will help you detect customers in the KYC (Know Your Customer) program.

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