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FACEKI’s real-time user verification solution provides an efficient and secure way for businesses to authenticate users in a matter of seconds. By leveraging advanced facial recognition technology, businesses can safely onboard customers while protecting themselves from fraud and data discrepancies. This helps create a safer digital environment for all involved parties while helping businesses increase their operational efficiency at the same time.

  • Liveness Check
  • Anti-Spoofing Check
  • Photo Face Match
  • Age Check
  • Gender Check
  • Nationality Check

AML/PEP Compliance

FACEKI is committed to providing secure, compliant and reliable services while abiding by all applicable laws and regulations. Our AI-powered facial recognition technology is built with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Politically Exposed Person (PEP) compliance in mind. This helps businesses to comply with the AML/PEP guidelines, reducing the risk of money laundering or other fraudulent activities. As part of the process, FACEKI can check customer databases for any suspicious activities or financial irregularities.

Verify Documents from 195+ Countries

Our Document Verification System utilizes cutting-edge AI to accurately authenticate identity documents in seconds, while also protecting users’ privacy.

Our system is designed to ensure that all checks are completed correctly while staying within local KYC regulations. We also use our facial recognition technology to conduct quick and accurate face match comparisons with the images on the identity document. This allows us to confirm customers’ identities without having to rely on manual reviews or paper documents, saving time and providing a seamless customer experience.

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Passive Liveness Check

FACEKI’s Passive Liveness Check is a revolutionary way to identify and authenticate users with the highest level of accuracy.

This feature uses passive facial recognition technology to detect facial characteristics, even the slightest ones, to ensure that the person in front of the camera is real and not a photo or video. It also utilizes advanced mapping to detect any kind of tampering or spoofing attempts. This means that user identity can be confirmed without any active involvement from them; all they have to do is look into the camera as normal and FACEKI’s system does the rest. With this technology, businesses can confidently rely on secure and accurate identification for their customer onboarding processes.

Instant Feedback Built-in

By utilizing powerful artificial intelligence technology, we can provide instant feedback messages in order to show customers during the verification process, what exactly went wrong and how to correct it. During the verification process, customers are immediately informed if any inconsistencies are detected in the document or if there is any potential fraud risk associated with it. This way, businesses can avoid costly disputes and false positives that could lead to losses in revenue.

Our Instant Feedback Built-In feature uses sophisticated algorithms to detect discrepancies between a customer’s actual identity document and the information provided by them during sign up, making sure that fraudsters cannot take advantage of your business. With FACEKI’s Instant Feedback Built-in, you can make sure onboarding is quick and secure.

Easy Integration

With our well-equipped API and SDKs, integrating into your business’s existing infrastructure will be a breeze without any complex setup.

All the services can be customized according to your business-specific needs.

We are not just another eKYC provider!

Flexible & Scalable

We understand the need for security in 21st century. FACEKI Solution is flexible and scalable. If you want to grow you need to be ready to onboard a growing amount of users.

Compliant & Certified

FACEKI services guarantee adherence to data processing and storage regulations, maintaining certifications in ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, and ISO 30107:2017 for Biometric Security Attack Detection. These standards affirm FACEKI’s commitment to security, quality, and reliability in biometric technology.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our comprehensive Dashboard is an all-in-one view that provides businesses with a powerful toolkit that gives them access to all the essential information they need.  With its comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface, it provides a secure environment for conducting business operations with accuracy.