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Have you ever wondered why catching a hacker is so difficult? They steal all of your sensitive information, money, and other valuable personal information. To them, everything appears to be so simple. They have complete control over your accounts. They can hack their way around whenever they want. Is it because they are so good at cracking your passwords, or because you are so bad at protecting your accounts? Even the most skilled hackers can have difficulty cracking a strong password. The issue is that most people are unable to create a strong password for their own accounts. And they all have the same reason: it’s difficult to remember those strong passwords. As a result, most people use simple, predictable passwords that are easily guessed. So the myth that hackers, or those in black hoodies as most people imagine them, are capable of wreaking havoc is not entirely accurate, It’s you who’s doing it. Furthermore, passwords like 0123 are still widely used today, making it easy for cybercrime to thrive, and this is where you should start protecting yourself from identity theft today by going password-less and enabling biometric authentication, which will help you increase security and avoid any online crime that a hacker may commit. Hackers are enticed by the prospect of discovering weak passwords, personal information, breaking into bank accounts, obtaining credit card access, and gaining access to health care sensitive data, but they clearly prefer to target financial institutions. According to research, weak or compromised passwords account for 80% of the largest data leaks. Remember that hackers are gifted individuals with a different brain than the rest of us; they enjoy attacking and phishing for sensitive information or weak passwords. Because of their quick thinking and extensive technical knowledge, they can gain access to information you don’t want them to have.

Do you know it’s more than a black hoodie?

Individual hackers are now classified based on the hats they wear, rather than just the black hoodie we’re used to seeing. Each hat has a color assigned to it based on its intended use; the colors are White, Grey, or Black. White hats are primarily security researchers; they essentially do what companies that pay them for their services frequently approve of; they are also known as ethical hackers. Grey hats are individuals who look for vulnerabilities in a system without permission. Last but not least, there are the Black hats, which should be avoided by organizations because they have advanced knowledge and use their skills to devastate the systems of those they target. Hackers always know what they’re doing and have a specific goal in mind; however, hacking is difficult and requires meticulous planning. On the other hand, as new technologies emerge and everything becomes digitized, hackers, regardless of their skills or techniques, will find password-less authentication to be more secure, harder to crack, and less vulnerable.

Do you still believe that a traditional password provides adequate security?

Traditional passwords are never sufficient. In today’s world, everything is going digital, which is why password-less authentication is becoming more popular in the financial sector. This is where Biometric Authentication and Liveness Detection come into play, providing organizations with the security they need to keep hackers, cyber attacks, money laundering, and other threats from destroying their business and customer relationships. Biometric Authentication improves security and validates people’s claims of “true” identity.

How can you protect your business from cybercrime?

Fortunately, you can always outwit hackers by using solutions such as FACEKI, which do not require a password but do require something that no one else has: your face, which you carry with you at all times and in all places. FACEKI enables you to expand your business while remaining fully protected, ensuring maximum defense against attacks, and providing a frictionless customer experience. Our Biometric Authentication solution can assist you in improving the customer experience by ensuring seamless digital customer onboarding processes, allowing you to increase demand while preventing cyber attacks. FACEKI recommends Biometric Authentication solution for all organizations, particularly financial institutions, in order to validate customer identities and mitigate risks. Our Biometric Authentication helps to prevent identity theft, money laundering, and financial fraud. You can learn more about FACEKI solutions by looking into Biometric Authentication solutions.