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FACEKI wins this year’s Best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform Award in the Middle East. FACEKI is named the award winner of the Best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform, by the New World Report. New World Report is a business news platform that proudly commends the most innovative, forward-thinking and resilient of firms in the software and technology sector. FACEKI is a Bahraini startup specialized in AI powered Digital Identity Verification, KYC, Digital onboarding and Biometric Facial Authentication. Serving customers from more than 30 countries worldwide. Focusing on simplifying users’ journey and fight fraud to create safer, more accessible user experiences. ‘We are very proud to be recognized as the best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform in the Middle East, we’ve put so much effort into our technology to ensure that it is indeed the best out there.’ Co-Founder & CEO, Hamza Al Ghatam. The Software and Technology Awards by New World Report, looks to acknowledge the efforts of the pioneers and disruptors of modern technology, as well as those who have sustained excellence and exhibited long term dedication to their commitment to the development and advancements in technology. The awards focus on emerging fields like artificial intelligence, IoT and clean tech, to the sectors on which we are interdependent such as agriculture, engineering, transport, energy, telecommunications and healthcare.