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Not all individuals have an excellent memory to remember their passwords. Besides, a password is not as secure as people take it to be. Someone can easily break into your phone or device. Still, with something like facial recognition or fingerprints, your security is guaranteed. Facial recognition has more security and simplicity, and it comes with many benefits as well; it is one of the best ways to prevent crimes. It would be best if biometrics can replace the options for passwords. You should think about these questions; how effective is your password? Does it protect your accounts? The use of passwords on a mobile phone is not secure, and it is becoming outdated. Someone can easily have access to your login credentials; they can be stolen at any point in time, hackers are everywhere, ready to leverage on weak or stolen passwords, and most people make the mistake of using the same login credentials for all their accounts. Some password options come with the instruction of it being 10 characters long. It should be alphanumeric; it would not be convenient for individuals to change passwords monthly; they will get tired and frustrated. Considering how convenient it is to access biometrics technology in recent times makes the information from the markets correct; the report stated that by 2022, the biometrics mobile market would be worth $49.33 billion. This information is entirely accurate, and it shouldn’t be surprising; the use of biometrics is easily accessible, and it assures you of security. It doesn’t end there, and it is highly convenient to use. You don’t need to have sleepless nights trying to figure out the words or number combination used as a password. You don’t have to remember biometrics, and you don’t need to write it down as well. These are things that are always with you; your face, voice, and fingerprints, or even your eyes; they are all you need to acquire the security that you want. It would be best if the banking system and other enterprises can bring fingerprint or facial recognition into their operation system, or better still, a combination of the two is not a bad idea; it is a perfect combination for security. This can be achieved quickly with the use of biometrics-as-a-service subscription that is available through web APIs. The world is changing. Everything is becoming easier and faster with the introduction of new technologies; the world is indeed a digital place to be; it would be best to grow with the change. Let’s look at this scenario; instead of a business enterprise or banking systems hiring a team of developers and making them work day and night trying to install extensive data and expanding resources gotten from the server, banks should have easy access to a web service that grants them access to the resource. It is no longer a doubt that biometrics is more secure; there is no hacker with great skill to recreate a fingerprint or facial recognition, it will be highly challenging. Anybody can easily type passwords; what is now the secret about it? Where is the promised security? Biometrics is no secret; it is easy to use, but it isn’t easy to replicate by a second party. So many individuals have fallen victim to disclosing their login credentials to fraudsters because of the emails they receive. Still, with the use of biometrics, this is highly impossible. There is no way you can disclose your biometric data to people even if you receive an email because a fingerprint has no number or alphabets; the same goes for the use of facial recognition. Faceki, specializing in authentication technology, offers several unique services, such as leveraging machine learning power to enhance your KYC and identity-proofing processes. They also help you with protection against fraud by stopping spoofing attacks with best-in-class certified liveness detection. With Faceki, your journey to fighting against fraud attacks will be achieved. You can contact us today to learn more about biometric authentication or the use of a touchless card which are ways through which you can make payments with no physical contact with the payment terminals; it is time to say goodbye to fraudsters making use of counterfeit cards.