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In the age of this technological revolution when everything around has transformed so does the business world that is rapidly changing day by day. In this article, you will find out how digitization is the way forward for safer, secure, and successful business enterprises and how our platform “FACEKI” is providing the best opportunity for your business to digitize through Biometric Authentication and Sign-In Biometric-Based Digital KYC. So let’s start;


In the contemporary scenario of Covid-19 when offline businesses are almost closed in many countries so work from home is often preferred over physical presence. Digitization is the best way that can innovate your business and other areas of your life so you can achieve better productivity in your domain as well as it can be secured through modern techniques that we will explore in this article. Before discussing the ways to make this online business more secure let’s find out the different benefits of digitization so we will know the importance of digitization for any business.

How digitization can revolutionize your productivity?

An easy way for Data collection

Digitization can help you to collect data more easily and efficiently than traditional systems for example many businesses need to collect data and then analyze it. Digitization can help them to collect this data by proper analysis with complete security. Similarly, many institutions will need their workforce to form home so necessary arrangements can be possible only through digitization. Based on proper data analysis these business enterprises can not only increase their productivity but customers will also be satisfied with the quality of services.

Customer satisfaction

In the emergency situation of Covid-19 when clients usually prefer to use the online platforms so with the help of digitization you can assure your customers about the quality and hygienic measures of your company. So when a client will notice your efficient service then the customer will order your services similarly with the help of digitization you can show the satisfaction of clients through several rating systems so this will also increase your credibility and this helps you to increase your conversion rates.

Increase the productivity

Digitization can help businesses to increase their productivity for example as we have mentioned above that we can collect and analyze data with the help of digitization. So due to this analysis, you can cover improve your productivity by planning different changes. Similarly, by maintaining the attendance and monitoring the performance of your workforce you can get much better results in contrast to your traditional working style.

Timesaving and easy way of communication

Digitization is one of the best ways that can help you to communicate with your targeted audience for example if you are running business digitization can make your task very easy. Instead of travelling long ways, digitization can provide a secure environment for your team to communicate with one another and with your customers. This will not only increase the productivity of your team but will save much-needed time. In the business world time is money and you can utilize your time in a much better way.

The authenticity of users

Digitization can help you to check the authenticity of your users as well for example you are providing services of exams to educational institutions. Checking out whether the student is real or not may be your concern however digitization can help you to check the authenticity of your users. Similarly, if you are running any organization and during the current situation pandemic you are struggling to maintain the real attendance and to check the authenticity of the user then digitization will help you. You can use our platform to check the authenticity of your users with the help of our services like Biometric Authentication and Sign-In Biometric-Based Digital KYC.

How our platform FACEKI can help you in digitizing your businesses?

Our platform can help you to provide setups like Biometric Authentication and Sign-in Biometric-Based Digital KYC and that you can use to check the authenticity of users to avoid frauds. Following are some important features of our services;

Face recognition technology supported by artificial intelligence

In the recent times of the corona pandemic, different institutions like schools need to ensure the authenticity of users to avoid frauds for example some people might think to fraudulently appear in exams. So the solution is very simple that it can have a system in which the face can act as the key to unlock a particular section or to sign-in to a particular section. Our platform provides an opportunity to make the account based on facial recognition so whenever people sign-in to this system then our platform will give access based on this feature. Similarly, based on this feature you can take control over the authentic audience of your platform.

Know your customer feature

This feature will especially help you to create a digital card or a digital feature that will be based on the original data of documents and then more important this feature will give facial authentication. This will help you to maintain your records with an error-free process that will save your time, money and more importantly you will concentrate more easily on the requirements of your audience so they will be satisfied with your services.

The best alternative for OTP

Bio-metric authentication with the help of facial recognition is one of the best alternatives to a one-time password and there are many factors behind it. One of the major factors is that OTP can be cracked due to different hackers using different attacks so the best way is to replace it with a system that is based on physical features like facial recognition. This system will save users from problems related to passwords and save much-needed time as well.

Final words

Our world is continuously changing due to the miracles of artificial intelligence and other technological revolutions so instead of using the traditional system, you should digitize your platform. Our platform is certified in its services and customer care is always our first priority so just contact us to explore a new horizon of innovation in your business.