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Don’t miss a

red flag

Our verification software will flag any transactions that require further investigation.
Empower your compliance and risk teams with a robust solution that safeguards every transaction. With advanced capabilities to detect and prevent financial fraud, swiftly identify suspicious activity, and ensure strict compliance standards, you can maintain airtight security and minimize risks.

State of the Art

Cross-Channels Risk Monitoring Platform

Simplify your verification

process and reduce false positives without compromising compliance. Accept more payments and keep out money launderers with ease

Protect payments

by identifying and stopping financial fraud and money laundering in real-time.

Heavily awarded

by integrating KYC/AML verification with transaction monitoring. This powerful combination helps you identify and report suspicious activities quickly and accurately.


  • Card transactions scoring, wire transfers, loyalty, crypto
  • Internet and mobile bank sign-ins.
  • Data protection according to PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, ISO 27001
  • Online and settlement checks.
  • Business Impact
  • Dashboard for fraud monitoring teams.
  • High performance and low latency – 100s of transactions per second with < 300ms latency.


  • Bot and Account Takeover (ATO) detection.
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Can be integrated with scoring systems and SIEM.
  • Device fingerprint and behaviour data collection.
  • Supports mobile (iOS, Android) & web.


  • Session and transaction monitoring in a single solution
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Machine learning for higher precision.
  • Hybrid deployment (cloud, on-premise) better ROl & faster deployment