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In the context of the recent news about Facebook’s Meta Verified subscription service, the need for robust identity verification becomes even more apparent. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Meta Verified. This service is designed to provide users with an enhanced level of account verification. It also adds extra protection from impersonation accounts, and access to direct customer support.

In the age of digital identity and security, the need for reliable and robust identity verification has become paramount. FACEKI, a facial recognition platform built to fight fraud, offers a solution to this growing need. With the power of AI, FACEKI offers instant online identity verification, KYC, KYB, document verification, and AML/PEP checks. The platform seamlessly onboards users in over 190+ countries. This makes it an excellent option for businesses and individuals alike.

The FACEKI team’s vision is to make safe KYC more accessible. They achieve this by leveraging their in-house developed state-of-the-art ID verification and facial recognition technology. Not only does this technology offer accurate verification. It also makes it user-friendly with fast verification times and a simple interface. The platform also features an open API with cloud-based and on-premise integration for Android, iOS, and web versions of the SDK. Furthermore, the solution is flexible to custom integrations, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes.

Meta’s Verified subscription service

The Meta verified subscription service will start at $11.99 a month on the web or $14.99 a month on iOS. It will initially be launched in Australia and New Zealand before being made available in more countries around the world. To get the blue badge, customers will need to provide a government ID that matches their profile name and picture. Users must also be above 18 to be eligible for the service.

Meta Verified subscription aims to increase the authenticity and security of Facebook’s services. This is done by making it easier for users to verify their accounts. The blue badge that comes with the subscription confirms that the user is the real deal. Furthermore it proves that their account has been authenticated with a government ID. This extra layer of security is especially important for high-profile individuals or businesses with growing online audiences, who might be more vulnerable to impersonation accounts and online fraud.

In addition to the blue badge, Meta Verified subscribers will also receive more protection from impersonation with proactive account monitoring. They will also have access to a real person for common account issues. They will benefit from increased visibility and reach, with prominence in some areas of the platform like search, comments, and recommendations.

Meta’s new subscription service follows in the footsteps of other platforms like Twitter. The platform has its own verification subscription service called “Twitter Blue”. However, Meta Verified is unique in that it will be made available on both Facebook and Instagram. However, separate subscriptions will be required for each platform.

What does this mean for Faceki?

FACEKI’s facial recognition technology and document verification would provide a strong foundation for a similar service. This is particularly in light of the platform’s global reach. With anti-fraud liveness checks, AML/PEP and tamper checks, FACEKI is well equipped to provide the same level of verification services as Meta Verified, but with a broader scope.

Moreover, FACEKI’s open API, cloud-based and on-premise integration, and flexibility for custom integrations make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to integrate identity verification into their existing systems. FACEKI’s emphasis on user-friendliness and fast verification times also make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a streamlined customer onboarding process.

In conclusion, the need for reliable and efficient identity verification services is growing rapidly in today’s digital age. FACEKI, with its facial recognition and document verification technology, offers an excellent solution to this need. We are well-positioned to benefit from the launch of Meta Verified. The subscription service is perfectly aligned with FACEKI’s business model. It provides a unique opportunity to expand market reach while contributing to increased security and authenticity online. As social media platforms continue to evolve and prioritize security, FACEKI’s services will play an increasingly critical role in ensuring a secure and reliable online environment for users worldwide.

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