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Engaging in business transactions with other companies can be a challenging endeavor, as financial institutions and various industries are well aware. The fight against money laundering, coupled with the need for efficient processes, presents its own set of complexities. That’s where FACEKI steps in, aiming to offer the most exceptional Know Your Business (KYB) solution in the market to cater to the specific needs of companies in the industry. Today we will dive deeper into the fascinating realm of KYB in Poland. 

Know Your Business (KYB) Explained: 

Know Your Business, or KYB, is a process crucial for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance that focuses on fostering secure business relationships. Companies dealing with business clients are legally obligated to conduct thorough checks and ensure the compliance of their business relationships. 

KYB entails several checks, including Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) identification, background checks, identity verification for representatives, and document validation through global government registries. 

The Benefits of Know Your Business: 

Apart from being a legal requirement, the KYB process offers a multitude of benefits that help safeguard businesses: 

  1. Detection of fake companies: The meticulous KYB process aids in distinguishing legal entities from shell companies, effectively identifying potential fraudulent business partners. 
  1. Risk assessment: KYB processes enable companies to evaluate the level of risk associated with clients, allowing them to monitor and manage potential money laundering activities effectively. 
  1. Reputation protection: Collaborating with corrupt business owners can quickly tarnish a company’s reputation. Building customer trust is crucial for sustained success, making KYB an essential component for any enterprise. 
  1. Compliance assurance: Non-compliance with KYB regulations can result in significant financial implications. In fact, our data shows that major financial institutions in Europe spend over 14 million euros on AML expenses. Ensuring compliance helps companies avoid hefty penalties and maintain a strong standing. 
  1. Combating money laundering: KYB processes play a pivotal role in halting criminal activities that can harm both the involved businesses and the overall market, contributing to a safer and more secure environment. 

FACEKI’s KYB Process in Poland: 

At FACEKI, we are committed to providing businesses with a holistic view of their clients, ensuring AML compliance and safe practices. With our groundbreaking Know Your Business solution now available in Poland, companies can benefit from a comprehensive AML solution package tailored to their unique requirements. Our KYB process in Poland encompasses the following features: 


  1. Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) identification: We offer extensive processes that enable businesses to identify UBOs, ensuring transparency and compliance within their operations. 
  1. Background checks and document validation: Our KYB solution includes meticulous background checks for all representatives and meticulous document validation, bolstering the authenticity and reliability of business relationships. 
  1. Access to relevant registries: Through our platform, companies can effortlessly cross-reference data from critical Polish Business Registers, including the National Court Register (KRS), Beneficial Owner Register (CRBR), Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG), and National Official Business Register (REGON). Our up-to-date database covers over 3 million business entities in Poland, encompassing Sole Traders/Entrepreneurs, empowering businesses to make informed decisions. 
  1. AI-powered automation: Embracing the power of artificial intelligence, our KYB solution streamlines the verification process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and robust security measures. This automation saves valuable resources and expedites onboarding procedures. 

As we relentlessly strive to enhance our services, FACEKI aims to make our comprehensive solutions accessible to as many companies as possible. By embracing our full AML solution package, including the comprehensive Know Your Business (KYB) solution, businesses in Poland can fortify their compliance efforts and cultivate secure practices. KYB serves as a pivotal aspect of protecting your company and clients, making FACEKI’s Know Your Business solution the perfect starting point. Embrace the power of KYB to safeguard your business and embark on a journey of trust, transparency, and compliance. 

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