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As privacy protection remains a paramount concern in today’s digital landscape, leading identity verification solutions provider, FACEKI is poised to make a significant impact. Against the backdrop of recent discussions around global privacy legislation, FACEKI’s innovative KYC/KYB (Know Your Customer/Know Your Business) and KYT (Know Your Transaction) services are ideally positioned to help individuals and organizations ensure compliance while safeguarding user data.

In a recent article published by Biometric Update titled “EU, India, and US Make Louder Noises About Legislating Privacy Protection,” discussions on the need for comprehensive privacy regulations have gained prominence – which can be read here. This article highlights the urgent call for increased privacy protection, as governments and regulatory bodies seek to address the growing concerns surrounding privacy breaches. It is against this backdrop that FACEKI’s advanced solutions come into focus.

As highlighted in the Biometric Update article, the European Union, India, and the United States are leading the charge in pushing for robust privacy legislation. These discussions and proposed regulations have far-reaching implications for businesses and individuals alike. Recognizing this global need, FACEKI has proactively developed cutting-edge KYC/KYB and KYT services to address privacy concerns and help clients meet evolving compliance requirements.

FACEKI’s KYC/KYB services offer a seamless and secure method of verifying customer and business identities. By leveraging state-of-the-art biometric technologies, FACEKI ensures that individuals’ sensitive information remains protected against fraud and unauthorized access. This aligns perfectly with the core objectives of privacy regulations being discussed in the EU, India, and the US.

Furthermore, FACEKI’s KYT services play a crucial role in combating financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing. By closely monitoring transaction patterns and detecting suspicious behavior in real-time, FACEKI empowers organizations to stay compliant with regulatory requirements. These services are of paramount importance as governments seek to establish stricter regulations to counter illicit financial activities.

“As privacy concerns take center stage in global discussions, FACEKI remains committed to providing state-of-the-art identity verification solutions that prioritize data protection,” said Hamza Al-Ghatam, CEO at FACEKI. “Our KYC/KYB and KYT services not only ensure compliance with privacy regulations but also contribute to the broader goals of privacy protection advocated by the EU, India, and the US.”

FACEKI’s dedication to privacy and security has positioned them as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals navigating the complexities of privacy legislation. By aligning their services with emerging regulations, FACEKI empowers their clients to stay ahead of compliance requirements while fostering a culture of trust and privacy protection.


FACEKI is a leading provider of identity verification solutions, specializing in KYC/KYB and KYT services. With cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to privacy and security, FACEKI enables businesses and individuals to authenticate identities, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance.

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