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An instant KYC/ AML identity verification solutions, Unlock benefits of saving time, money, and keeping your customers happy, just like countless other satisfied clients.

  • Reduce Abandonment
  • Increase conversion
  • Reduce fraud
  • Stay compliant across 223 countries

Security meets a simple user experience

Benefits of Choosing FACEKI KYC!


How does FACEKI KYC Work?

Set up the flow using building blocks with FACEKI’s KYC/AML Identity verification dashboard

Identity Document verification in real time
  • Document authenticity verification & Tamper check
  • OCR, data extraction in text format
  • Barcode/MRZ reading
  • NFC chip reading
  • Cross-check against governmental databases*
Proof of Address
  • Document authenticity and Tamper check (anti-photoshop)
  • Cross-check against governmental databases*
  • Data cross check against the ID and existent data
Risk scoring
  • Customizable risk scoring system based on your policies and current regulation
Biometric selfie authentication
  • Liveness verification
  • Face Match
  • Deep-Fake detection
AML/PEP/Sanctions screening
  • Sanctions lists
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Watchlists & Regulatory Enforcement
  • Adverse Media
  • Ongoing AML monitoring
  • Stay Compliant with BAFIN and FINMA requirements
  • Leverage FACEKI expertise to save time and money on training and maintaining your team of operators
  • Watchlists & Regulatory Enforcement
  • Adverse Media
  • Ongoing AML monitoring

Engineered for Developers, Seamlessly Integrations

The FACEKI SDK is designed to simplify the lives of developers. Our versatile SDK can be seamlessly deployed on Node Js, React Native, Python, Dot Net, Flutter, IOS Native, Android Native, Web, Laravel, HTML platforms or directly integrated through the API.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Use the dashboard for centralized case-management, KPI monitoring and KYC related settings adjustment

  • Manually edit the status and the profile of the applicant
  • Edit team permissions
  • Control API health
  • View transparent billing

Professional Support

At FACEKI, we take pride in offering reliable, fast, and professional support to our valued customers. With our support feature, you can expect Responsive Assistance, Expert Guidance, Customized Workflow, Seamless Integration & Continuous Improvement.

Certified and compliant

FACEKI solution is compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and certified by ISO 30107-3

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get 50 free KYC?

To receive 50 free KYC with Faceki, please contact our sales team. They will assist you in getting started and provide you with complimentary KYC for your evaluation and testing purposes.

What is KYC and why is it important?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process that verifies the identity of customers to prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities. It is important for your business to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and protect your reputation

What are the legal and regulatory requirements?

KYC requirements vary by jurisdiction, but they typically involve verifying customer identities, collecting relevant documents, and conducting risk assessments based on applicable laws and regulations.

Implementing KYC processes can help mitigate risks, protect your business from financial crimes, enhance trust with customers, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Can KYC processes be automated?

Yes, KYC processes can be automated and integrated into your existing systems using specialized software solutions like FACEKI KYC. This streamlines the verification process and enhances efficiency.

The duration varies depending on factors like the complexity of verification requirements, the volume of applications, and the efficiency of the KYC solution. However, advanced solutions like FACEKI KYC offer real-time verification that takes 10 seconds!

How can I integrate?

Yes, Faceki supports both online and offline eKYC scenarios. The FACEKI SDK is designed to simplify the lives of developers. Our versatile SDK can be seamlessly deployed on IOS Native, Android Native, Flutter, React JS, Nodejs, Python, PHP, Web, Laravel, HTML platforms or directly integrated through APIs through the developer hub.