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On-premise KYC & Biometric

Stay compliant event with strictest data security policy with FACEKI Offline on-premise based KYC, Face Biometric liveliness, Face Match solutions.
  • Have full control over the settings and the data
  • Stay compliant with your local governmental regulation
  • Save time on additional development or integrations

Why choose FACEKI on-premise?

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On-premise Features

Fully customizable:

Having FACEKI solution licensed you have access to source code and possibility to adjust the solution features according to your particular business. FACEKI architecture team are always available to help

Lower maintenance cost:

Using FACEKI licensed solution will mean much lower cost per individual verification.

Complete data sovereignty:

Using FACEKI on-premise solution you get an advantage of enhanced privacy. The data is fully yours, hence you have complete trust of clients and employees.

Compliance & Customization

Our offline verification solutions are designed to meet the regulatory requirements of on-premise solution installation.

FACEKI license allows you to have possibility of customization to the greater extend. Our solution architects team will always be available to advice on best practices for your particular industry and country.

Peace of mind with complete data ownership

You know exactly where the data is stored.

FACEKI On-premise solution offers enhanced data security than cloud systems, as only authorized personnel from your company can access sensitive data and information.

China's Evolving Data Protection Landscape: An Overview

Lower cost

With FACEKI on-premise solution you will benefit from the lower cost per verification since the solution is licensed by you.


Our offline verification solutions for on-premise operations provide a secure and customizable way to meet regulatory compliance requirements in specific countries. Our solution allows you to verify identities on-premise, increase efficiency, and enhance privacy. If your business needs to meet regulatory compliance requirements in specific countries, consider investing in our offline verification solution.

ISO Compliant KYC solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an on-premise KYC and face biometric solution?

An on-premise KYC and face biometric solution refers to a system that is deployed and operated within the organization’s infrastructure, ensuring that all data and processes remain on-site rather than being processed externally.

How ensure data security?

By keeping all data within the organization’s premises, an on-premise KYC and face biometric solution provides enhanced data security, minimizing the risks associated with external data storage and transmission.

What are the benefits of using an on-premise?

The benefits include greater control over data, compliance with strict data security policies, customization options, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Is the solution scalable?

Yes, an on-premise KYC and face biometric solution is designed to be scalable, allowing organizations to handle increasing volumes of KYC verification and face biometric authentication as their business grows.