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Strong Identity Document verification

Meets simplicity and speed

Reduce False negatives Convert more real customers

FACEKI solution comes with multiple proprietary deep learning models designed to identify and stop fake, tampered or invalid documents, covering 4000+ ID documents across 220 countries, in 35 languages.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Steve Jobs

Automate and scale

  • 98% automated and powered by in house developed FACEKI AI
  • Global coverage of 220 countries and territories, 35+ languages

Reduce Fraud

  • Stop fake IDs
  • Stay compliant with global regulation
  • 4230+ documents proprietary library

Reduce costs

  • By leveraging FACEKI comprehensive pricing model
  • Reducing the workload of your support teams

Increase conversion

  • 95% of the users are verified at the first attempt
  • Reduce friction with
  • Verifying documents faster
  • Customize the solution and verification flows based on your needs

What authenticity checks do we conduct upon the Identity documents?

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Scale your brand and earn more revenue

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