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Compliance Backoffice

Empower your team with
Compliance Backoffice CRM solution
  • Have full transparency of the user cases and the changes done by your team
  • Reduce the time for case management
  • Override manually the decision of the system at any time
Allow your team to have full control over KYC process

Why FACEKI Compliance Backoffice?

Transparency Control Case Management Manual Override Team Collaboration

Compliance Backoffice!

Customize the process

  • Customize each verification flow for different types and risk scoring of the clients
  • Customize the process per country and different client bases
  • Edit access settings for your team

Powerful Analytics tools

  • Manage your KPIs such as conversion, approval, and pass rates
  • Improve the flow based on the historical and factual data
  • Filter your data by multiple criteria or status

Transparency improves integrity

  • Fully transparent history of actions amongst the team members of your organization
  • Transparent billing system (usage and quota)
  • Manage API health

Advanced user case management

Manage each individual case of your users within one FACEKI platfrom.

Manually manipulate the verification results through the platform depending on the authority of the compliance team members (employees of you).

Filter the users based on any criteria and status

Compliance Cockpit

With the FACEKI verification solution, your compliance team can adjust the verification flow according to individual business needs.

  • Set and customize multiple verifications flows for each
  • See the balance transparently
  • Access powerful and custom analytics
  • Create multiple verification flows for different types of users

Role Management

Manage the permissions of your compliance team members within the FACEKI platform.

Make teamwork more efficient by communicating inside the FACEKI platform.

FACEKI dashboard allows full transparency, every action of your team members is recorded within the platform

Comprehensive dev space

  • Check the API health in real time
  • Monitor the SDK settings and database connection

Transparent billing system

  • Monitor your remaining verification balance at any time from the subscription page within FACEKI dashboard.

Additional custom features

  • Separate the databases within one dashboard for your operations and team from different countries to comply with data protection regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Compliance Backoffice?

Compliance Backoffice CRM is a software solution designed to empower compliance teams by providing full transparency and control over the KYC process. It allows teams to manage user cases, track changes, and override system decisions manually.

Compliance Backoffice CRM streamlines case management by providing a centralized platform where compliance teams can efficiently handle and process user cases. It eliminates the need for manual paperwork and enables teams to work more efficiently, saving time in the process.

Can Backoffice override system's decisions?

Yes, Compliance Backoffice CRM allows manual override of the system’s decisions. This feature enables compliance teams to review and adjust the outcomes based on their expertise and knowledge, ensuring accurate and effective decision-making.

What level of control Backoffice provide?

Compliance Backoffice CRM offers full control over the KYC process to compliance teams. They can monitor and track the progress of user cases, make necessary adjustments, and ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies.

How does compliance assurance?

Compliance Backoffice CRM enhances compliance assurance by providing a comprehensive solution for managing KYC processes. It enables teams to have complete visibility and traceability of user cases, ensuring that compliance requirements are met and risks are mitigated effectively