Use Cases

Financial Services

Make sure that your customers are who they claim to be. Verify and authenticate customers within a second, reduce manual work, and enhance your customer experience.


keep under-age users out with our ID verification and age detection technology. All powered by our Ai technology.


Simplify customers authentication, and verifications, and provide a smoother experience, not just at the airport, but while accessing your online apps and portals.


Verify your customers without the need of presenting their IDs every time they visit a branch by using our leading-edge digital biometrics verification technology.

Online Exams

Ensure that the person attending the exam or accessing your e-learning platform is the person who pretends to be. Authenticate users seamlessly and securely.


Provide seamless check-in for your hotel members, and verify their identity on the fly. Treat your regular customer and VIPs in the way they deserve.

Health Care

Access to health records have to only given to the right people, With FACEKI you are able to provide access securely for the right people when they need it, wherever they need it.

Money Remittence

No long wait to verify the identity of regular in-shop customers, and provide a solid digital customer onboarding solution for your app and online platform. It will take second to verify and onboard customers.

OTP Alternative

With the increasing concern over OTP vulnerabilities, biometric authentication using facial recognition is becoming more commonplace by relying on the unique physical traits of an individual as a way of authenticating end-users.

Self Service Kiosk

Make it easy for users to use self-serve kiosks with easy access and authentication by simply scanning users face for seamless access, all powered by our digital biometrics technology which comes with anti-spoofing detection.

High Risk Accounts

Provide higher security access standards by implementing FACEKI AI-powered digital biometric authentication technology, which comes with certified Liveness detection that can protect accounts from deep fake, and spoofing.

Government Portals

Simplify access, and provide a headache free services that don’t require the use of passwords and pins any more. It all powered by FACEKI state of the art certified facial recognition technology that provides instant access and high security.
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