Health Care
Simplify Access & Increase Security
Online Prescriptions
Managing Patient Records
Immediate Access
Improve patients experience by providing better access while improving security by automating the entire verification process with our identity verification system. You will also get to know your patients better, save time, money, and generate new revenue.

59% of patients
would use the app more if were easier to use.


Provide better access and effective healthcare services

Reduce the Possibility of Fraud
With our advanced KYP solution that provides a seamless experience, we help protect patients’ data from identity theft.

Regulatory Compliance
When sensitive medical data is securely stored and the quality of service is improved, patients’ trust is increased.

Reduce Abandonment
FACEKI works with you to ensure that your patients’ experiences are seamless by utilizing our KYP solutions. Giving you a simple, quick, and, most importantly, secure onboarding process for your customers.

Increase Acceptance Rate
There is no doubt that using FACEKI’s ID verification solution improves your patients’ experience by providing a simple, seamless, and reliable experience that protects their personal data from fraudulent acts.

Create a Seamless Onboarding Experience for Customers
Online prescriptions should be a quick and easy process with strong fraud protection. FACEKI contributes to more efficient patient journeys.


Why is KYP required in the Health Care Industry?

Identity verification helps hospitals and pharmacies protect sensitive medical information while providing access to health records to the right patients when they need it. Furthermore, with our KYP solution, you can verify your patients and reduce the possibility of human error while increasing efficiency.

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