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FACEKI wins The Best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform Award

FACEKI wins this year’s Best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform Award in the Middle East. FACEKI is named the award winner of the Best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform, by the New World Report. New World Report is a business news platform that proudly commends the most innovative, forward-thinking and resilient of firms in the software and technology sector. FACEKI is a…

Nama Ventures invests in FACEKI

​FACEKI, an award-winning digital biometrics platform that simplifies users’ journey and fights fraud, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed funding round by ​Nama Ventures​. The push for digitization has led to an unprecedented level of identity theft and account takeovers. FACEKI Biometric Facial Recognition and Identity Verification platform help organizations verify and onboard their users, especially…

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