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Realtime User Verification

  • Liveness Check
  • Anti-Spoofing Check
  • Photo Face Match
  • Age Check
  • Gender Check
  • Nationality Check

Precise even with traditional head wear..
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Accurate Doc. Verification

  • Tamper Check
  • Recapture Check
  • Document Expiry Check
  • Issuance Check
  • MRZ Code Support
  • Barcode Support
  • Data Extraction
  • OCR

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Simple Integration

Our identity verification solution can be fully integrated into your apps, websites and desktop applications.
It enables you to verify user identities while complying with KYC regulations.


With our AML solutions, you will be able to check whether your client..
1- Has a criminal record.
2- Is under sanction.
3- Is a PEP (Politically Exposed Person).

We perform the following checks as part of our Identity Verification process in the most well-known databases around the world one of which is the Interpol Black List Check.

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Supporting Kuwait documents are insufficient if Arabic is not supported.

FACEKI not only supports Arabic but also other languages such as Chinese, Indian, Russian, Greek, Thai, Turkish, Japanese, and others as specified in the document.

Documents will be verified in your local language as well as English. If your language is not yet supported, you may request it.

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Compliant & Certified

ISO 30107-3. certified.
Passed 1,000s of Presentation Attack tests (PAD) which is conducted independently in accordance with ISO 30107-3.

Designed and developed by integrating privacy into the design and operation of IT systems, cloud infrastructure and business practices.

Regular security audits, vulnerability scans and penetration tests to ensure compliance with security best practices and standards.

Trusted by 1000’s of Businesses