Create safer & more accessible
user experiences for all


Identity Verification

Leverage the benefits of AI technologies to enhance your identity verification from anywhere are any time.

Our identity verification solution can be fully integrated into your apps, websites and desktop applications. It enables you to verify user identities while complying with KYC regulations.


Biometric Authentication

It’s more than a way of log-in. It’s a user experience. The less hassle it is for a customer to access your services the more frequent going to use it.

With FACEKI, it’s never been easier for users to access their data. No more searching for passwords, or calling customer supports, it’s as easy as taking a selfie.


& Cross-Devices

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Stop relying on different devices to provide biometric solutions to your customers.

Bad user experience is a weakness

Unify your user experience with FACEKI cross-devices cross-platform capabilities. It ensures a smooth user experience over the board.



FACEKI Announces The Close of a Funding Round
​FACEKI announces that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round led by ​Nama Ventures​, with participation from Vision Ventures, Tenmou and other prominent Angel Investors. “We aspire to eliminate identity fraud and help organizations make their customer onboarding experience simple, safe, and more secure.” Said Hamza Al-Ghatam, Co-founder and CEO of FACEKI. “We plan to expand our…
Why your Law Firm needs KYC
Despite the fact that law firms are not financial institutions, lawyers can be used for money laundering. Criminals may seek legal assistance to make their illegal financial, corporate, or real estate transactions appear legitimate.  When a lawyer is used to deposit, transfer, or withdraw funds, they may unknowingly be involved in money laundering activities.  Lawyers have an increased ethical obligation…
The impact of identity theft on customers and businesses
For Consumers Identity theft is extremely painful because consumers are unaware that their identities have been stolen until they attempt to open a bank account or apply for a credit card, or loan, at which point they are told they cannot because they already have one, and it is up to the consumer to try and prove it is not…