Data Protection

  • GDPR Compliance
Lawful, fair and transparent processing

We keep track of all kinds of processing for each separate client. The data we keep of data subjects is in accordance with contract signed with data controller i.e. Enterprise Customers.

Limitation of purpose, data and storage

Our processing activities are limited to facial artifacts comparison only. We make sure to process data that is forwarded by our enterprise clients only. We keep data in accordance with data retention requirements of our customers.

Data subject rights

Faceki does not directly collect any personal data from data subjects. However we ensure all data processing is visible to data subjects by facilitating our customers.

Personal data breaches

Faceki keep track of breaches or incidents in its breach inventory. A mechanism is available to inform data controllers of any probable data breach. We are also monitoring all audit logs in order to detect any malicious or abnormal activity.

Privacy by Design

Faceki was designed and developed by integrating privacy into the design and operation of IT systems, cloud infrastructure, business practices and documentation.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Before undergoing any processing, we conduct a DPIA to make sure no major risks exist for data subjects.

Data transfers

All the data processed by Faceki is either stored on cloud or on Client premises. We make sure that data boundaries are defined in the contractual agreements.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

We have a designated in order to ensure all data protection and cyber security initiative follow industry best practices

Awareness and training

Periodic awareness training is conducted for Faceki employees in order to strengthen the people aspect of the organization.


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