Authenticity Check

  • Stopping Fake IDs

One major concern of remote identity verification is the intentional submission of fraudulent identification documents by minority users.

Our API comes with different types of authentication modules designed to identity and stop fake or invalid documents, through our proprietary fake ID database and sophisticated computer vision technology. By effectively stopping more than 90% of fake IDs, it gives our partners peace of mind to deploy Core API into their mission-critical applications.

  1. Data Visibility Check
    Check if document number, firstname, lastname and birthday are clearly visible.
  2. Image Quality Check
    Check if the image appears to be a high-quality image taken directly from the camera without cropping or resizing.
  3. Feature Referencing Check
    Check features and details of submitted documents with a genuine document reference.
  4. Edit CheckCheck if the image has been edited in photo editing software
  5. Publicity Check
    Check if the document can be obtained from a public domain such as the internet
  6. Text Analysis Check
    Check if the text present in the document has been tampered
  7. Biometric Analysis Check
    Check biometric features of the document
  8. Security Feature Check
    Check if watermark, hologram, laser engraving are present on the document
  9. Recapture Check
    Check if the document is a recaptured image from a screen


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