Liveness Check

  • Anti-Spoofing & Fraud Detection

3D liveness facial recognition Face detection SDK & API like other biometric authentication mechanisms are vulnerable to spoofing and fake biometrics. This can cause an unauthorized person to bypass the authentication mechanism by using a fake biometric, images of persons, masks or dummy. Several latest mobiles which offer face unlock are prone to such authentication bypass attacks.

The demand for your services to be fully accessible online, has never been greater. But the security risk is the challenge. With more security breaches, identity theft, and fraud cases every day. Organizations like yours facing a tricky question..

Is the user who signed up for the service is really who he/she claim to be.


FACEKI Biometrics is a truly seamless and frictionless service, and it’s far more secure than traditional methods, as it comes with certified anti-spoofing and liveness detection that provides an additional layer of security, ensuring the person in front of the camera is who really claims to be.

Something that traditional methods of authentication can’t prove. And it works on all types of devices and platforms, whether using a mobile phone, laptop, or kiosk. With no special hardware required.


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Streamline your Identity proofing

Save time, save money & make your customers happy with 3D liveness facial recognition SDK API